Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Art for Fun's sake

90% of what I draw is just for fun, and why not, art is fun! Since college began, i've gotten out of that mode of thinking; I'm always getting these ideas for series that I can do for my classes, and I seldom draw anymore unless it somehow works into the big picture. its quite a sad state to be it.
anyway, here's a couple things that are unfinished (naturally!) but are just exercises in fun! shown in chronological order, they span something on the order of 2006 to present. the reasons for being unfinished are all the same reasons you've heard before, but these aren't inteded to be grand pieces so lack of foresight isn't really the issue. although in some cases, the drawings are missing, and I would finish them if only they could be located!

I've said it before and I'll say it again....all these images are mine. if you want to use them, just ask! I'm a very agreeable person


  1. Hey, it's me! :D


    I just randomly came across your blog in my bookmarks so I thought I should say hi!

    Question: In the first drawing, are these Gimli and Diamond? And some wedding present kind of thing? If yes... Oh my, I must be a huge nerd (and know your works well) to figure that out, no? :P

    All of them look lovely, by the way. :)

  2. well hows this for a late reply? proves how often I check this. all the info is up on my dA, so no surprises here, bu yes, you guessed right ^^