Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This blog has been idle for many a long year and i intend to reverse that, in fact I had almost forgotten that i had even made this account. and now that i see it again, i see that the style, layout and title are borderline cringeworthy. my art may not have changed much since 2010, but i have changed a lot as a person, and the title and style of the blog are now cringeworthy to me.

 unfortunately i seldom finish my work and the vast majority of what i produce is small sketches and color studies.  although they are still valuable in the process,  it is frustrating that i lack the drive and vision to see a work through to the end, but i also tend to get hung up on research, doing excessive sketches, perhaps, if such a thing is possible, and re-doing things over and over.   2012 was the last time i made a piece that i would truly consider a finished composition. As you can see, my favorite subjects to depict are still fantasy people, and fantasy animals, and occasionally real animals as well, though i draw real people much less frequently, if at all. 

at any rate, here are some small teasers of things ive done in the last few months.  in one respect, the title of this blog is still accurate as my medium of choice has not changed.  alcohol inks and illustration markers remain my favorite tool. 

thank you for reading :)